20131002-162042.jpgThis is a collection of short stories that are sure to haunt you for years to come. These most popular short stories from author G.P. Burdon, along with some brand new tales that have yet to be unleashed and can only be found in this collection will surely resonate with any reader, leaving that feeling of a cold finger tracing down your spine. Inside these pages are some of the most hauntingly original tales, such as ‘The Devil Inside Me’, ‘A Desperate Act’ and ‘Endless.’ Read alone, at night, by candlelight, if you think you can handle it.

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81SmgO4YSpL._SL1500_Maya’s biggest problem was not being able to ditch her deadbeat boyfriend. But when he turns up dead, Maya is the prime suspect for his brutal murder. Things only get worse for Maya when her estranged father turns up after a five year absence and no reason for Maya to believe a word he says. It’s intrigue and mystery wrapped in suspense as Maya’s world is torn apart and what was simply a murder begins to look more like a conspiracy. Who really killed her boyfriend? Why has her father returned? And how is a 22 year old CIA mission involved in Maya’s life?

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Darius, a human who lived as a slave until his untimely death allowed him to become a Reaper, discovers another Reaper is consuming the souls of innocent humans to gain power. In an effort to thwart this rogue and restore balance to life and death, Darius takes it upon himself to protect the next victim, Peyton Paradisa. As the rogue pursues them, wielding powers no other Reaper can, thanks to the almost infinite power of consumed souls, Darius is left no choice but to take Peyton and flee into the the afterlife. But can they find a way to stop the powerful rogue from taking Peyton’s soul? And why does he want Peyton’s soul so desperately? There is more to Peyton than meets the eye and there is far more at stake than just her soul.

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One year has passed since Peyton’s world changed, but she and Darius are still not safe. Peyton’s fate is still hidden from Darius’ sight, a dark omen that looms over them both, threatening to wrench them apart and destroy Peyton entirely. Darius soon learns that his previous actions have consequences and the dangers are stacking against them. Heaven is threatened by the possibility of a deadly and malicious Angel named Dimme seizing power through Peyton’s soul, and the only solution that can guarantee the safety of Earth and Heaven is Peyton’s death. And another Reaper from Darius’ past is set against him to cause untold pain and suffering to those who ruined the life of the mortal who has enslaved him.

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81zAc+LzB6L._SL1500_As the hordes of evil descend on an unsuspecting Earth, only a Reaper stands in their way. After failing to save his love, does he have the strength, or even the spirit, to stop them?

Azrael now holds all the power of Heaven, and the barriers protecting our universe from the cruel and power-hungry Abzu have crumbled. As chaos spreads across the world, Darius struggles with his own pain, and with the strange entity, Tartarus. Darius and Myles join the fight to stop Abzu from bringing about the end of the Angels, and to keep Azrael from enslaving humanity. However, Darius is still focused on Peyton, and is determined to restore her soul to her body. But how could he when Peyton’s soul is trapped within the most powerful being in existence? Along with whatever living Hell that torments her, and the steadily approaching darkness.

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81kqVWhqIUL._SL1500_Get all three books in the Reaper Series in one easily downloadable kindle version.

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