I’m Back, Baby!

It has been a long freaking time since I posted anything here! So much for regular blogs, right? Don’t be mad, though, I’ve been very VERY busy. And now I’ve discovered this magical thing called “Time Management,” so these posts should be regular from now on.

I can here you asking, “So, what have you been doing?” Well, dear reader, I shall tell you. I have been writing like crazy. In 2014, I wrote TWO epic fantasy novels. Both are part of a trilogy and I am currently smashing out the third and final epic conclusion. What’s that? You want to know more? Fine, if you insist.

The first two books are part of the ‘Reaper’ series. The first is called ‘Angel of Death’ and the second is ‘Angel of Vengeance’ (notice the pattern?). I could go on and on about the plot and characters and everything, but rather than do that, I’ll just leave the links to the Amazon pages where you can buy them and read the descriptions. By the way, book one is less than $1 if you buy it in eBook format. Better than that, book two is FREE! Well, for the next few days, anyway, so hopefully you read this blog quickly and click that link to score your free copy while you can. Here are the links. Also, both covers. They look pretty damn awesome.


The third and final book, ‘Angel of Judgement,’ should be released some time this year, so keep an eye out for it!

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